Indigenous Languages – Cree

Cree Dictionary Websites

Cree Dictionary Website

This is an excellent website to find translations for a Plains Cree dialect for Roman Orthography or Syllabic form.

Cree Dictionary Mobile App (Apple Devices)

Free app available for iPhones and iPads, just follow easy instructions.

Cree Dictionary Mobile App (Android Devices)

Free app available for all android devices, just follow easy instructions.

Little Cree Books

This website provides Cree language resources, links and articles.

Jingle Bells Sung by Kimberly Singer

Time Song Sung by Marlene Quinney

Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural College (SICC)

Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural College Online retail Store website to order Cree/Dene Resources for personal/teaching use.

Tansi Nehiyawetan

Tansi Nehiyawetan invites children to learn Cree with Kai, Kayla, and Auntie Josephine through kinetic games, absorbing stories, compelling songs, and dynamic adventures.

Morning Song Sung by Dallas Waskahat

Who am I? Sung by Marlene Quinney

Indigenous Knowledge & Wisdom Centre

Indigenous Knowledge & Wisdom Centre contains various language learning links that are funded by Indian Affairs. This site is very interesting and fun for everyone of all ages.

Hello Song Sung by Marlene Quinney

If You're Happy Song Sung by Marlene Quinney

Weather Song with Marlene Quinney

Cree Literacy Network

Cree Literacy Network was created by Honorary Dr. Freda Ahenakew and Jean Okimasis. This website has various interactive Cree language videos for all learners.

Old MacDonald had a farm Sung by Melvin Abraham

One, Two, Three Song Sung by Marlene Quinney

YouTube Resources

Basic cree lesson

Cree Language - Extension Phrases 1

Learn how to Speak and Sign in Cree

History of the Cree Language Part 1

Unit 1: Indigenous Total Physical Response (TPR)

Cree Language - Set A Cree Class

Learn Cree Online

Common Resources - Indigenous Languages

Treaty 6 - Wikipedia

Creator - Land - People

OFFICIAL Treaty Talk | Walk